A position overview from our Founder, Chris Taylor.

The Onboarding Specialist (OS) role is a key relationship management role working in collaboration with the Partner Success team. They are responsible for coaching our Actionable Consulting Partners through their onboarding journey and beyond, to recognize the potential of the Actionable platform and experience the value of the Methodology and Community.

The OS plays the role of cheerleader, platform coach, and Actionable “concierge”, in many cases in rapid succession over the course of a day. With a portfolio of ACPs to support, OSs are quick on their feet, at home in a fast-paced, virtual, Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) and thrive on wearing many hats.

From surfacing and solving ACPs challenges, to providing alternate perspectives, and helping ACPs think through their sales, social media, and marketing activities in order to ‘level up’ their consulting practice, they are professionals who embody our core values:

  • The Boy Scout Rule. Leave the world a little better than you found it.
  • Humble and Hungry. We don't have the time or patience for ego and posturing.
  • Doing Work that Matters. We're not interested in hiding behind the busy work.
  • Ask Me Anything. Candor and transparency over appearances.
  • Better, together. The Who of the journey is as important as the Where or the How.


As a “face of the company” and steward of our relationship with our core client group, the Onboarding Specialist represents Actionable, and demonstrates our values in interactions with the seasoned consultants, coaches, and facilitators who partner with us. Some of those interactions include:

Onboarding Support & Coaching for New Actionable Consulting Partners (ACPs)

The first 120 days represents the highest churn risk for our new partners. Your primary focus is to ensure new partners have everything they need to best leverage their relationship with Actionable during this critical period. Activities include:

  • Connect for a series of one-on-one calls with each new ACP
  • Provide timely, relevant resources based on those conversations
  • Attend and contribute to Momentum Builder calls (bi-weekly)
  • Monitor and support ACP first 90-day progress through data analysis and qualitative discussions
  • Identify expansion revenue opportunities within an ACPs’ first 90-days and - where appropriate - encourage upgrades that are in the best interest of the Consultant.

Foundational Knowledge & Training on Habit Builder for all ACPs

As 99% of our new ACPs start with the Habit Builder, you will become a defacto expert on this element of the technology. Being a small team, this expertise will carry over into ownership and influence in a couple areas beyond ACP onboarding:

  • Monitoring our support inbox for questions related to Habit Builder.
  • Providing input to our Product team on features, bugs and/or documentation needs
  • Creating and/or having input on product documentation related to the Habit Builder
  • Participate in, and contribute to, recurring Foundations calls (monthly)

Communications & Reporting

  • Surface trends and patterns related to ACP needs and successes, and share these with the broader team to inform changes to our approach and processes
  • Make suggestions and collaborate to improve Actionable processes and resources based on your experience and insight
  • Contribute to weekly videoconference calls with the Partner Success team and other cross-functional initiatives to build collective competence and knowledge
  • Regularly report accurate usage rates, satisfaction ratings and other relevant metrics to track progress against Actionable and ACP objectives


  • You love problem solving and working through interesting challenges with smart people
  • You have a knack for coaching, and helping others to learn and succeed
  • You possess an ability to ‘look beyond the question’ to understand and identify root cause obstacles and patterns
  • You appreciate having autonomy, as well as being supported by a tight-knit team, and enjoy the ability to do your work where and when you want
  • You’ve got exceptional organizational skills, and are comfortable juggling multiple priorities.
  • You probably have some marketing, communications, and/or account management experience or aptitude, and are comfortable learning new technology


  • We’re changing the world of professional learning with a platform that combines face-to-face conversation and measurable behaviour change
  • We work in a fast-paced, virtual, Results Only Work Environment that provides a tremendous amount of flexibility, autonomy, and trust, and asks that in return you give your best to the work that matters most
  • We work across multiple time zones, which means that some of our work and meetings are outside of normal work hours
  • We’re fun, curious, and enjoy collaborating, much of which we accomplish via video calls and Slack
  • We have, as a company and individually, a strong commitment to personal/ professional growth and development